Instagram stories appeared in 2016, dividing the world into two ordered halves. For those who see innovation as a standard of futility, and for those who are now turning over another story in a sushi bar. We will not analyze the arguments of the two parties. We want to wind stories on Instagram and use as an advertising tool.

Instagram is a serious online platform for promoting content, along with YouTube and Facebook. Its advantage is a strong visual component, the ability to create stories, a beautiful interface and people's love for photographing their faces. Instagram has a multimillion-dollar audience worldwide. This answers the question of whether it is worth cheating viewing stories in Instagram. If millions of people see your product, it will further increase sales.

A large number of Instagram story views increases your ranking among advertisers. When users see your content, ads appear. Cheat stories views allows you to quickly distribute content and force the stage of the advertising campaign.

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