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Telegram fans were mostly active users of traditional social networks. The ability to receive and transmit “hidden” content without fear of being heard by third parties is the main characteristic of the Telegram audience. The assortment is impressive in the telegram.

The history of the project is filled with police stories and scandals. The founder of the project, Pavel Durov, who had experience in creating VKontakte, the number one social network in Russia, explained in his interview how the idea of ​​creating an ultra-secure messenger was born. According to Paul himself, at that time and in court in 2011, he had problems with the judicial system. And after the next visit of their representatives, it was urgent to send a message to his brother.

Given that the authorities love the correspondence of the entire population is extremely high, the future founder of Telegram thought about a new messenger that will cancel all attempts to read the correspondence by outsiders. Fortunately, the aforementioned brother Nikolai was an excellent programmer. So, on August 14, 2013, a cross-platform messenger appeared, so popular today. Users liked the idea of ​​privacy so much that the public began to grow at an incredible pace, and soon the promotion of telegrams became an urgent need for many.

For such promotion purposes - telegram wrapping, an indispensable tool. This format of increasing the awareness of your channel has an undeniable advantage - reaching the audience and the desire of more people to subscribe.

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