In Telegram, you can create your own communities and promote them with the help of telegram subscribers. This became useful because many thematic niches turned out to be free, and some channels took leading positions among others. Thus, along with this, a completely logical question arose about where to buy Telegram subscribers and other services on your channel or group. And here, users are faced with a small problem: there are not many services that provide them, and reliable ones can be counted on the fingers, but we have many high-quality offers.

As a result, you can often find independent or free Telegram promotion and promotion services on the Internet. And this is a really useful tool, especially for beginners who have just created a community on a social network. This feature will make you feel more secure in the future.

The main goal of creating a Telegram channel for many users is to monetize their community and generate additional income by publishing information on their resources. This is what distinguishes this social network from others, and getting income from this system is quite easy even for beginners. In this regard, let's see how you can make money in your community.

Sell ​​ads in your community. Many users have been using this method successfully for a long time. If you have a more or less developed channel or group with a certain number of subscribers and page activity, you can expect to receive income from your community. To do this, you need to find a suitable advertiser and agree to place ads on your channel or group. Thus, the more subscribers, the more money you can get;

Advertise other channels. If you have enough subscribers and your community is popular, you will receive offers, one way or another, to promote someone else’s channel. In this case, you can already indicate your price for this service;

Sell ​​goods. If you already own an online store or other commercial website using Telegram, you can get the so-called “passive” profit. That is, by posting any information on a channel or in a group, as well as referring to your resource, you can increase sales and profits;

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