The popularity of the platform is growing at an incredible pace. There is a fashionable and bold alternative to traditional video hosting. And, as often happens with a wave of something new and incomprehensible, some "old people" are disgusted, which is expressed in numerous memes. But does this deception not confirm the incredible prospects of the project?

Yes, Tik Tok is rightly called a social fast food network, and this is more of a “compliment” than anti-advertising, given that real fast-food restaurants dominate the preferences of modern consumers around the world. Nevertheless, the fast food platform for video music has one huge advantage over the mentioned catering - in the latter, all guests are equal, and the former rightly elevates bright and talented personalities to the heights of fame and passage to heaven - a great result - this is promotion in Tik Tok. Want to know how to sit on the throne among the Olympic gods of video content? Then at least you will need a cheat of likes in TickTok. Well, firstly, in order to get to the top stream faster, so that a large number of people can see your content. This is the most important factor that affects the expansion of your account’s audience. Secondly, a large number of likes in TickTok certainly affects the ranking of your account among others.

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