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The first thing a user sees when they visit a web page or open a mobile application is popular tweets. On Twitter, they are placed in the most prominent places based on the indicated property of popularity, as well as due to the location of the user, which basically coincides with the country of residence. With the geolocation, it’s clear - it depends on the GPS data and the choice of the user who wants to receive interesting publications from a particular region.

But you can work with popularity, because it is evaluated by the ranking algorithm for several indicators that can be changed in a profitable way. To determine the rank, respectively, and the visibility of the post in the recommendations feed, the mentioned electronic admin uses the number of likes, views, reposts and the wrap of comments under the publication. The significance of the last argument is often underestimated, which served as the motive for writing the article.

The ranking algorithms in social networks are becoming more complicated, moreover, the range of functions performed by them is constantly expanding. All this evolution is aimed at one goal - to pick up really interesting and popular tweets against the background of the increasing interference of automatic cheating in the process of forming recommendations. Likes and reposts for bots have not been a problem for a long time. Millions of these signs of interest are wound up per hour.

However, the opposition from the security system is constantly increasing, which often leads to ban profiles. But the number of breakthroughs that broke through the spaced network of auto-likes, reposts is enough for serious pollution of the general statistical background on Twitter. Therefore, the preference of developers of ranking algorithms is more and more shifting towards comments. Meaningful feedback under a tweet on the logic of programmers most accurately express the interest of other users. But only meaningful, because lonely words like “Ok” or worse, simple plus signs easily expose conspiratorial Autobots. In other words, cheating the correct comments on Twitter is a great way to improve the ranking of tweets, but this process is very difficult because it must be done manually.

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